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Yaesu's website: Yaesu System Fusion
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K8VEB's DR1X Repeater in Eagle, MI
Yaesu's System Fusion (YSF) combines C4FM digital communication with traditional analog FM.

Features include
- Cross-communication between digital and analog users using the same repeater. Analog radios can be any make/model.
- Easy to setup. Simply enter your call sign. No need to register with a worldwide database. Great for new users.
- Excellent digital audio quality
- Excellent range in digital mode (digital range is approx. the same as analog but with crisp audio)
- Send pictures over-the-air
- See the callsign, distance, and direction of all received users (unless they disabled these features)
- All YSF radios can perform both analog and digital communication
- All YSF radios have VHF & UHF capability
- All YSF radios (except the FT-991) have APRS with GPS built-in
- Via WiRES-X, all YSF radios can communcate world-wide, share photos & texts, leave voice messages, etc.
Page last updated: September 16, 2015