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Page last updated: February 11, 2016  (Added 2m frequency)
Yaesu DR-1X C4FM Digital and Analog Hybrid Repeater System
(using Justin Reed NV8Q's script and wiring diagram: Interfacing the Yaesu DR-1X With The SCOM 7330 Repeater Controller)

147.220 MHz (+0.6) PL100.0 Hz in Eagle, MI. (PRIMARY REPEATER)
444.275 MHz (+5) PL100.0 Hz (Not Online: Waiting for Yaesu DR-1X repeater to arrive)
Click to download audio archives of repeater. (May take up to one minute to load page)                                      

2015-11-27: High winds knocked down my antenna. The repeater
is on a 10' fiberglass antenna in my attic until I get my 92' tower
put up in the spring.

Repeater Commands
  To connect:  xxxxx (Simply DTMF the node number. ex: 8126) To disconnect: Press #
  To connect: # xxxxx (Press # then the node/room number). To disconnect: #99999
Listen to local NOAA Weather: 99 To cancel, press 99 again (or automatically stops after 2 minutes)

Repeater Features:
- It's like two repeaters in one: Analog FM and Yaesu C4FM System Fusion Digital
   - Yaesu C4FM Digital: supports local digital traffic only. Digital users only hear other Digital users.
   - Analog: All controller functions supported in analog only, including WiRES-X, EchoLink, and Weather Alert & Monitoring.
- EchoLink connection: WA8KIM-R, Node 8126
- WiRES-X connection: WA8KIM-RPT (21149)
- DV4mini connection: C4FM FCS001-72
- Weather Alert System (Monitors Clinton, Eaton, Ingham counties via the NOAA WXK81 162.400 Ch.1 Onondaga)
    ( Alarms for Watches & Warnings: Severe Thunderstorm / Tornado / Winter Storm / Blizzard / High Wind / Earthquake / Fire / Civil / Law Enforcement )
- Solar powered.
- Usually linked with my father's K8VEB Repeater which is located two miles west of my repeater.
- Mobile Coverage: Approximately 15 mile radius / Handheld: Approximately 4 mile radius.
- Established on May 8, 2015 using a Kenwood TKR-851. The Yaesu DR-1X repeater replaced the TKR-851 on August 4, 2015.
- In January, 2016, moved main repeater to 147.220MHz. Set up second DR-1X on 444.275MHz.

The 147.220 Repeater hardware includes:
  • Yaesu DR-1X C4FM Digital and Analog repeater, firmware v1.00b
  • SCOM 7330 Triple Repeater Controller
  • CAT WX-250 Weather Alert System
  • CAT RLS-1000B (3) Port Controller Add-On Board
  • Yaesu HRI-200 WiRES-X Module (Room #21149 Node #11149)
  • Masters Communications SC-50 CTCSS decoder/Micor Squelch Board (For the Digital/Analog switching)
  • Communications Specialists SS-64 Microminiature CTCSS Encoder (to create the CTCSS signal for the WX-250)
  • Dell Optiplex desktop PC with Intel i7 processor, 8GB RAM, and a 256MB SSD running Windows 10
  • ARS EchoLink Serial Port Adapter
  • SMAKN® 2CH Isolated Optocoupler High/Low Level Trigger Relay Module 12VDC ($9 on Amazon.com)
  • The rack is off an old Motorola MSF5000 Repeater
  • 2 USB sound cards
  • 2 USB-to-Serial adapters
  • Backup repeaters: Kenwood TKR-851 and Kenwood TKR-820.
The 440.275 Repeater hardware includes (not online at this time: I'm waitng for the Yaesu DR-1X repeater to arrive)
  • Yaesu DR-1X C4FM Digital and Analog repeater, firmware v1.00b
  • 20 watts output (was 49w using the Motorola MSF5000's PA and an ARRA VARIABLE ATTENUATOR 2-3854-20D from eBay).
  • Decibel DB4076w Duplexer
  • Decibel DB420 antenna with a 10.4 dB gain
  • AR2 P432VDG Preamp
EchoLink: I wired a cheap USB sound card to the EchoLink serial adapter. I then wired the adapter to the RLS-1000B. The RLS-1000B and the EchoLink setup are both expecting to connect to a radio.. not each other. Therefore, I had to feed the PTT to COR and COR to PTT between the two, BUT on its PTT, the RLS-100B either grounds the PTT or opens it. The EchoLink serial adapter wants power applied to the SQL/COR line. To remedy this "problem", I used the 2 Channel Optocoupler/relay board listed above. I used one relay for EchoLink and the other for WiRES-X. I ran +12v & ground to the relay board. I placed a jumper from the +12v input to the relay.

I'm not an electronics expert.. I'm sure there's a better way to do this with just an optocoupler (or maybe without any additional hardware), but my setup is working great... "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"

Comment: I added EchoLink to the repeater using the ARS EchoLink Serial Port Adapter. One problem led to another and I ended up purchasing a USB-to-Serial adapter, USB sound card, ground-loop isolating transformers, and an Optocoupler Relay Module to get the EchoLink to work well. If I were to do it all over again, I would have simply purchased a SignaLink USB Interfaceit already has the sound card, serial adapter, ground-loop isolating transformers build in with no need for the optocoupler relay.

WiRES-X: I wired the HRI-200 WiRES-X directly to the SCOM 7330 port 2.
For wiring and programming information, download: HRI-200 WiRES-X To SCOM 7330 Wiring Diagram.pdf
(See below).

SCOM 7330 Programming ScriptWA8KIM's SCOM 7730 Controller Script.txt (Last Updated 2016-02-11 Changed WiRES-X net & 147.220 freq.)
(Contains NV8Q's DR-1X specific code at end of file which I modified: a) Use Port 1 for the DR-1X b) - Changed Logics in and out c) Added a few things to get my CAT WX-250 to work with it)
Feel free to download my CustomAudioLib.bin file (And the .raw files): WA8KIM SCOM 7330 Custom Audio
(Last Updated 2015-08-24)

A special thank you to Stuart W8SRC for his contributions toward making the repeater more enjoyable and informative.
HRI-200 WiRES-X to SCOM 7330 Wiring Diagram

- For wiring and SCOM 7330 programming information,
download:  HRI-200 WiRES-X To SCOM 7330 Wiring Diagram.pdf
- The white wire, coming from the lower relay top terminal (hard to see just above the resistor - the 3rd one up), provides (+12v) to the EchoLink Serial Adapter COS pad when active.
- The orange wire, coming from the upper relay, provides (+5v) to the WIRES-X harness when active.
(Last Updated 2016-02-16    Fixed HRI-200 10-pin Connector Numbering - Thanks Jim K5JG)
Wiring CAT RLS-1000B Board to the SCOM 7330 Controller

The document below provides instructions on how to how the RLS-1000B to the SCOM 7330 and contains programming script to operate it.
SCOM 7330 CAT RLS-1000B Wiring Diagram.pdf
(Last Updated 2015-08-31    Fixed MAJOR Error - Was using wrong SCOM port)
Contents of Repeater Drawer
- HRI-200 WiRES-X Unit
- Several ground-isolating transformers
- SC-50 Tone Decoder / Squelch Module
- EchoLink Serial Adapter
- Relay module for COR Modification

DR-1X SCOM 7330 CAT WX-250 Wiring Diagram

The purpose of this harness is to inject a CTCSS signal to the repeater whenever the WX-250 transmits. The WX-250 does not have a CTCSS encoder.  Without this setup, no CTCSS tone is generated and therefore all radios with receive CTCSS squelch enabled will never hear the weather alert.

Download the PDF document containing wiring diagram and pictures:
DR-1X SCOM 7330 CAT WX-250 Wiring Diagram.pdf
(Last updated: 2015-08-18    Added example SCOM 7330 programming script)
Video Demonstration of Repeater

Video demonstrating Yaesu DR-1X, SCOM 7330, and CAT WX-250 in mixed digital and analog modes using a modified version of Justin Reed NV8Q's script.

Direct YouTube Link: HERE
My Repeater Links: RepeaterBook.com    Miarc.com

Listen to the
WA8KIM Repeater LIVE
(Approx. 30 -120 second delay)