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Welcome to the "My Files" page. This page is a quick way to find all my How To and For Your Information documents contained within this website.
SCOM 7330 Related Documents:
Raspberry Pi Documents:
  • (RPi) Install - New RPi Setup.txt - How to prepare a new Raspberry Pi installation. If you're new to RPi, start here!
  • (RPi) Install - OpenVPN.txt - Installing the free OpenVPN Server with a special client created specifically for Yaesu's WiRES-X servers. Can also be used to run multiple instances of IRLP nodes, D-Star, etc. It can also be used to run a remote Wires-X node from a cell phone, mobile hotspot, or public WiFi, such as while you're on vacation at a hotel!
  • (RPi) Install - EchoLink Proxy Server.txt - Create your own free proxy server so that you don't have to tie up someone else's server... great for mobile use.
  • (RPi) Install - Tight VNC Server.txt - A free program used to remote desktop to your RPi (or any computer).
  • (RPi) Install - SVXLink.txt - Run an Echolink server on your RPi. This document helps you install and config the software. For hardware setup, see "My SVXLink Portable Setup" article below.
  • (RPi) Install - WICD-Curses.txt - A free Wifi manager for the command line
  • (RPi) Install - GNU Screen.txt - A free program that allows multiple command line desktops. When installed properly, this allows you to view the activity of your background programs via SSH.
  • (RPi) MOTD - How To Change.txt - Personalize your RPi by changing the Message Of The Day (MOTD), which is diplayed when the RPi is booted and at each login.
  • (RPi) Install - ddclient.txt - A very easy to use and install DYNDNS.com updater. It also works for many other dynamic host service providers
  • (RPi) Upload IP Addresses To Website.txt - Finding the IP address on a headless RPi with dynamic IP can be tricky. This will create a text file containing all your IP info (LAN, Wifi, Public) and upload it to an FTP server (or website). This is useful, for instance, for mobile use of your SVXLink. Simply view your website on your laptop/PC to find your RPi's address and login.
  • (RPi) Install - Kodi (Fromerly RaspBMC).txt - Install a Raspberry Pi version of XBMC: a media player, comparable to Roku.
  • (RPi) Install - Links.txt - A free text-based web browser. Browse the web FAST while SSHing into your RPi. Links is a great, fast way to "Accept the Agreement Terms" on public wifi connections without having to load the GUI environment.
General Informational Documents:
I have given a couple presentations to the Clinton County Citizens for Liberty in Dewitt, MI. These are the simple documents I created for the group.
  • How to Become A Ham Radio Operator - A brief introduction to attaining ana amateur radio license
  • Bug Out Bag - I gave a small presentation to a local group on how to prepare a Bug Out Bag.  This PDF file is basically a list of what I keep in mine.
Page last updated: August 25, 2015